Football on Heldenplatz

© Maria Welzig

Adolescents gather around the monument to Prince Eugene, and, even more so, around the statue of Archduke Charles throughout the day, especially in nice weather from 4 pm until evening. They play football and other games, climb on the monuments, break glass lanterns or climb the planks and fences around the construction site of the new wing of the Imperial Palace. Not only are accidents likely to occur from kicking the hard ball around, but every so often carriages on their way to or from the Bellaria at the Leopoldinian Wing of the Hofburg Vienna have to stop in front of the crowd of juveniles. Likewise, drivers are hindered from accessing the public park Volksgarten. By way of example, on Tuesday evening of the 8th inst., His Serene Highness Archduke Franz Salvator’s coach was forced to stop at the Archduke Charles monument for the boys playing there to give way. These boys will disappear as soon as they see a guard approaching, only to gather at the same place and continue to throw the ball around once the guard carries on with his patrol. This has already led to numerous complaints.

Report by the Castles and Fortress Authority (Burghauptmannschaft) featuring
inadequate activities at the outer end of the palace square, May 10th 1906